LaGrande High Tiger's Booster Club 

Article I - Offices 

The principal office of the corporation in the State of Oregon shall be located at 708 K Avenue,  P. O. Box 2991, La Grande, Oregon  97850.  The corporation may have such other offices as the Executive Board may designate, or as the business of the corporation may require from time to time. 

The registered office of the corporation required by the Articles of Incorporation to be maintained in the State of Oregon may be, but need not be, identical with the principle office in the State of Oregon, and the address of the registered office may be changed from time to time by the Executive Board.   

Article II - Purpose

The non-profit corporation exists to promote and enhance all Tiger Athletics and Activities of La Grande High School.  The corporation works to involve the community and students in all LHS activities, assist in fund raising, and ensure a high level of success, working closely with personnel of La Grande High School.  The 501(c) 3 corporation shall have its primary contact with the athletic director and/or activities director of La Grande High School.   

Article III - Membership

Parents and friends of all past or present students of La Grande High School and other interested individuals and businesses, who desire membership in the corporation shall be eligible for membership. 

The aforementioned Executive Board may establish special sustaining memberships at their discretion. 

Article IV Meetings 

The annual meeting of the corporation shall be held in the month of April each year, for the purpose of electing directors and for the transaction of such business as may come before the meeting. 

Monthly business meetings shall be held at a time and place set by the Executive Committee. Meetings are open to any and all current members of the booster club.  Any non-member wishing to bring an item before the board should contact the President or Athletic Director prior to the meeting. Special meetings may be called by the President or by the Executive Committee at a time and place set by the person or persons calling the meeting.  Those members present at any annual or special meeting constitute a quorum for purpose of conducting the meeting.  However, two-thirds of the Executive Committee must be present before action is taken at any meeting.  A majority of those members present at a meeting may transact business.   

Article V - Officers

Section 1.  NUMBER.  The officers of the corporation shall be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and past-president along with 5 additional directors.  The directors will be elected at the annual meeting.  Such officers as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Committee may be appointed by the Executive committee.  No officer or director may hold more than one position.   

Section 2.  TERM OF OFFICE.  The officers of the corporation shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors.  Each officer shall hold his/her office until his successor shall be elected.

Directors shall serve for three-year terms.  The initial directors are elected for one, two, and three year terms.  Thereafter, each director shall be elected for a three-year period.   

Section 3.  VACANCIES.  A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation or otherwise, may be filled by the Executive Committee for the un-expired portion of the term.   

Section 4.  PRESIDENT.   The president shall preside at all regular and special meetings and at all meetings of the Executive Committee.  The president shall perform all duties of his/her office: shall appoint all committee and committee chairpersons: and, in general, supervise and control all affairs of the corporation.   

Section 5.  VICE PRESIDENT.  In the absence of the president or in the event of his/her death or inability or refusal to act, the vice-president shall perform the duties of the president, and when acting as president shall have all powers and be subject to all restrictions upon the president. 

Section 6.  SECRETARY.  The secretary shall:  (a) keep the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and of all meetings of the organization:  (b) shall be the custodian of the corporate records:  and (c) in general, perform all duties as from time to time may be assigned to him or her by the president of Executive committee.   

Section 7.  TREASURER.  It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive all monies due to the corporation and deposit them in a place approved by the Executive Committee.  The treasurer shall disburse the funds of the corporation only for purposes approved by the Executive committee.  The treasurer shall present a statement of account at all regular meetings and at other times when requested to do so by the president or Executive committee and shall make a full report at the annual meeting.  The treasurer shall have responsibility to make the necessary reports to the Internal Revenue Service and to the State of Oregon. 

Section 8.  PAST PRESIDENT. It shall be the duty of the past President to advise the current president on the workings and procedures of the Tiger Booster Club.  

Section 9.  DIRECTORS.  Directors shall serve on the Executive Committee and shall, together with the officers of the corporation, fulfill the obligation of the Executive Committee.   

Section 10.  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the corporation and the four directors. 

The duties of the Executive committee shall be:  (a) to transact necessary business in the intervals between meetings and such other business as may be refereed to it by the corporation:  (b) propose the nominations for officers and directors of the corporation:  (c) to create standing committees: (d) to approve the plans of the work of the standing committees:  (e) to present a report at the regular meetings of the corporation:  (f) to prepare and submit to the corporation for approval a budget for the fiscal year:  (g)  to approve any bills within the limits of the budget:  (h) to authorize individuals on the Executive Committee to sign checks, drafts, or orders for the payment of monies and to establish savings and checking accounts:  (i)  to appoint individuals to fill vacancies as they occur among officers or directors.

Regular meetings of the Executive committee shall be held from time to time as fixed by the Committee.  A majority of the members of the Executive Committee may call a special meeting of the Executive Committee.  A majority of the members of the Executive Committee may transact business.   

Section 11.  ELECTION OF DIRECTORS.  Election of directors shall take place at the April meeting of the corporation to be held in April of each year.  A slate of candidates shall be presented to the membership at a meeting in March.  The proposed slate shall be nominated by the Executive Board, and the Executive Board may nominate more than one proposed individual for each position.  Nominations may be accepted from any booster member.  Nominees must be a member of the La Grande High Tiger Booster Club.  Voting shall be by secret ballot at the annual meeting. 

Terms for officers and directors shall begin on May 1st 

Article VI - Annual Meetings

The annual meeting of the corporation shall be held in April of each year.  At the annual meeting, all annual reports shall be received and new directors elected. 

Article VII - Amendment

These Bylaws shall be approved at a meeting of the Executive Committee with a majority vote of those members attending the meeting.  The Bylaws may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee present at any regularly called meeting.

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